Cue points/times "slipping" in video

Apr 11, 2018

I'm using Storyline 2.

My course contains a video that is approximately 15 minutes long. My intention was to insert four cue points into this video, then pause the video at each cue point, ask the learner a question, then resume the video when the question is answered. This has proved to be easier said than done...

I'm finding that the cue points somehow move a bit each time I play the video, so the associated question pops up at the wrong time. I adjust the location of the cue point then preview again, only to find it's moved again. The same thing occurs when I use the time instead of the cue point in the triggers.

In addition, testing this functionality is time-consuming and difficult because I have to play the entire video each time. If I use the seekbar to scan to the location of a cue point or time, the triggers don't work at all and the question never pops up.

Can someone help with this?


- Jennifer

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Ben McKenna

Hey Jennifer,

Syncing media to the timeline in Storyline 2 can be a bit of a pain in my experience.

Just wondering if it's a possibility for you to split up your video into smaller chunks? You could then show each question by using a "when media completes" trigger, rather than relying on the timeline.

Hope this helps

Jennifer Williams

Thanks, Ben!

Your little bird is adorable. :)

I actually have another version of the video set up the way you describe and I guess I'll have to go with that. The downside to that method is that the user can't easily replay or scan through the video - but I'll experiment again to see if I can find a way around that problem.

It's a shame the cue point thing doesn't work, as it would have been really cool.