Current laptops that Storyline will work on

Sep 01, 2016

If you've purchased a laptop in the past 3 or 4 months, and you are able to run Storyline on it without resolution problems (info | info), would you let me know what laptop you purchased? I am fortunately able to return the laptop I just purchased, because I can't use Storyline on it. I'm hoping there are current laptops that Storyline will run on. Any information on what works is greatly appreciated!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mary Beth.  I see that George gave you some direction in the other discussion thread, so I'm glad the community can pull together on issues like this.

I know that support for high resolution monitors is really important, especially as they grab a growing part of the hardware market.  I'm adding your discussion to our development team's report so that we can give you an update on this issue as soon as we have one.

Thank for reaching out!

Mary Beth Faccioli

Hi Crystal! I'm definitely glad George was able to provide a workaround. I'm still interested to know if any new laptops can run Storyline. While Storyline is visible now at the lower resolution, the non-native resolution significantly reduces sharpness. I would prefer a better option if there is one.

My question is basically asking if any laptops currently on the market will work with Storyline at their native resolution, without having to use various workarounds that still result in hard-to-view displays. Is Articulate able to address my question? Do you folks know what current laptops will run the product? I hope other forum members will chime in if they've had luck.

Thanks for keeping me updated on the status. I recommend your product to a lot of clients and I will be careful about that until this is fixed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary Beth,

They all will work with Storyline if they meet the minimum system requirements here, it just may be difficult for some users/authors to see or navigate through the Storyline interface without that resolution setting changed. 

Our team is looking at ways in which we can create a better experience for these type of high resolution monitors and screens and once we have additional information to share we'll be certain to post in the ELH forums. 

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