Cursor not changing to "Pointer" when hovering over object with click trigger

Mar 09, 2016

I have several shapes that have click triggers.

When running in Preview Mode, the mouse changes to a hand/pointer as it should when I hover over the shape.

However, when I publish the project, and test in a browser, sometimes the mouse cursor doesn't change the the hand/pointer like it should.

Any idea why this is? Is there a way to force the cursor to change?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, David -- Thanks so much for your patience while I tested your file. After I uploaded the output published for web to, I tested the link in IE 11.0.9600.18230 on my Windows 7 machine, and the mouse pointer seems to be working appropriately. 

Please click this link to give it a look and let me know if you run into the same behavior, and you may also want to take a look at this information on Publishing and Sharing SL Content and the section on Viewing Content within our System Requirements sheet here. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, David -- Thank you so much for your follow up, and unfortunately, I am finding the same behavior that you are reporting when testing the link in HTML5. I was able to locate an existing ticket for this very issue that is currently in with our QA team for investigation, so I will add this thread to the ticket and will update here with any additional information I should receive. 

And although it may not work for what you have in mind, you may find that ungrouping the objects or placing a hotspot on top of it helps you find improvement. 

Brent  Raper

I have a user reporting this behavior with a Storyline 2 course on our LMS. Other users are not experiencing it. When she hovers her cursor over buttons it doesn't change to a pointer and she can't click links or advance off the first slide. We're all using IE 11 and Windows 7, but I suspect, from what I have read here, that this may be a Flash Player problem? We're a few updates behind with our Storyline 2, but like I said, other users are not having this problem. Is there any other possible cause for this?  

Leslie McKerchie

Have you attempted to have the users experiencing an issue update the flash player? I've seen issues with the HTML5 content and grouped items, but it sounds like you are viewing flash content and the buttons are not grouped, so I am not aware of an overall issue with the functionality and as you can see above, we were not able to replicate a similar problem.

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