mouse cursor when rolling over a shape

Feb 20, 2014

Hi, I have a shape on my slide and when the mouse cursor rolls over it the cursor changes to a it possible to keep the mouse cursor as a pointer when it moves over the shape?  

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Jeremy Haddock

This sounds similar to my situation but I'm using invisible shapes to control navigation on an image of software. I do this to facilitate branching to various different slides based on which "button" the learner chooses. I would like to more closely mimic how the software works by keeping the pointer the entire time rather than the hand. Is there a way to do that with triggers that are based on invisible shapes and not hotspots or buttons?

I tried using the above suggestion but there is no option on my shape for showing the hand cursor. Also, I've created a test hotspot slide to play with this and regardless of whether the hand cursor option is selected, it still shows in the preview. (FYI I'm using a trial of Storyline 2)

Jeremy Haddock

Thanks for the suggestion Wendy but I'm trying to create a practice scenario where the learner has to click in the right place to move on. The cursor works great for the demonstration but I want them to try to click in the right places with less guidance, so I wanted to avoid having the cursor (that the user is moving) changing from pointer to hand and back as that would make it too easy.

But I have discovered that the hotspot idea above works well when I am not using it on a quiz slide.  For some reason, I had it in my head that hotspots were only for quizzes so I had avoided using them. Instead, I had built that same functionality into a transparent shape using a trigger. Changing those out for hotspots using Insert --> Controls --> Hotspots seems to work great. I guess I just misunderstood what Ashley was saying.

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