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byron tik

Another easy and quick method, using custom bullets with text to fade in by paragraph.

  1. Create a block of text with your text lines to be used for bullets
  2. Use 'hard enters/return' to end each line
  3. indent the text,
  4. Set to animate - fade in by paragraph
  5. add shapes or images as bullets.
  6. Use align distribute vertically, to line the bullets up with the text, focus on the first and last bullet, the bullets in between will distribute evenly.
  7. Use ctrl up and down if needed to nudge a bullet precisely per pixel
  8. go to the text time line, open the textbox by clicking the arrow next to the text box
  9. align the bullets with the start of each sentence,

This method gives you great control over when a bullet and line of text appears,

but the ease of working with one box of text