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Aug 28, 2019

When I publish my file, I have noticed that if I am on a disabled button and then roll onto an active button, the cursor will change to the hand, but the active button does not show the hover state. I have to roll off the button and then back over the active button again. At this point the hover state will appear. This also happens frequently just rolling over buttons. They wont show the hover state until you roll over it twice.  ("buttons" are created using images and button states, NOT builtin buttons)  This erratic behavior is not going to fly with the customer.

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Ian Skuse

I can't share what I have, but I will try to dumb it down and see if it will happen, then post the file. probably not until later though, on a tight deadline. I am using built in states, but importing images created in illustrator into each state. I noticed this seems to cause a problem with Storyline.  If a button is acting erratically, you can select it from the slide and you will not get a bounding box (Almost as if it was locked and un-editable).  I used the "import image" selection box from the edit states options, which creates "custom" states" which are pretty useless, I then created new built in Hover, Disabled, and visited states.  Copied the images from the custom states into those new states and deleted the custom.... sounds confusing, I know.  If i use the insert/image button from the main task bar to add images to a button state, that button usually doesn't function. its clickable, but none of the states will work.


Randy Hill

I am not sure what is going on there. I will say one thing, you do not need to have triggers to disable objects at timeline start. You just need to use the set initial state drop down on the States tab. That will save the need for a bunch of triggers.

The hover issue is only when coming at the object from the right, left always works, as does up and sometimes back. 

Ian Skuse

Thanks for the info and the suggestions, yeah the triggers can get really overpopulated.  I have only been using Storyline for about a month. I used to code and use Flash to create CBTs back in the day.  Once rapid development programs came along, my skills were no longer needed.  It's a new way of doing things. Can't code like I normally do.  I will definitely look for initial state setting.  that might fix the problem.  I also noticed if your cursor was on a button when the screen changed, and if a button is in the same place, it does not trigger the hover state.  

Ian Skuse

I set the initial state to disabled. Cleaned up my triggers, so I thank you for that, however, if you move your cursor over a disabled button directly to an enabled button, the states will not show. you have to roll into a "button free zone" in order for the states to show.  I will have to try this with Storyline's built in buttons and see if it behaves the same way.

thanks again

Randy Hill

Yeah, the change screen thing is annoying, it wants you off the button and then back on to initiate the hover. I came from a design background and started creating cbt's back in Director. I did some flash as well for multimedia work. I have been using Storyline since version 1 so have gotten fairly familiar with it. Good luck!

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