Custom buttons on feedback slide layers won't allow me to add hide layer tigger.

Aug 03, 2020

Hey all

I created a customer feedback button in my feedback layer.   I moved the original feedback button off the screen and added my own like the Storyline video instructed me to.  However, I can't add the trigger to hide the correct feedback layer.  I'd like my custom buttons to have the same triggers that the standard feedback buttons have.

Any suggestions?  

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Aaron,

The problem is from how the Feedback Layouts were edited. 

The default Feedback Master & Layouts use a generic button. When you look at the master/layout, it just says "Button," and there are no triggers. Storyline adds the appropriate triggers when the layout is used. The program also pulls the appropriate text ("Continue") from the Text Labels in the Player. 

Your custom button on the Layout with the "hide this layer" trigger should work, but it didn't. And when I tried to add one, that didn't work, either. But when I tried adding a "go next" button to the Layout, that did work. So I think you found a bug! 

I fixed your issue in the attached file by reverting to the default button. 

FYI: I also changed the Master. I deleted the shape that was forming the dialog box, because Master shapes can't be deleted from Layouts. That shape was showing while the colored rectangle you added was flying in. (For related info, see this post: 


Lauren Connelly

Hi Aaron!

I'm happy to step in! It sounds like you want to change the Continue button's hover state. You might be running into a bug that we've filed where changing the hover state in the Feedback Master doesn't appear correctly in the Slide View. Not to worry, you can still change the states in Slide View!

Instead, you'll want to change the hover state on the Correct and Incorrect Feedback Layers.

Here's a short article about editing states in Storyline 360!

Aaron Pross

HI Lauren,

Thanks for the update.  It seems like this issue has been around for a while.  Its a pain having to update the correct and incorrect feedback for each of the 40 questions I have in a test.  Why have a feedback master if developers aren't free to change it?  

I'm just curious, what is “E-Learning Heros” affiliation with Articulate?  


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