Custom code in story.js for mobile versions?


I wrote some custom ajax code inside of my story.js for my quizzes in order to store some information into my database, which has been working relatively fine on desktop computers. However, when I experimented with the quizzes on a mobile device, I discovered that it did not activate my code at all, even when I just tried a simple javascript alert function. I was wondering if there were any limitations to Articulate's mobile player in regards to the story.js.

I also understand that for mobile devices, I can choose to publish the file to require users to use the Articulate Mobile Player app in order to view it. However, when I tried that, I got numerous reports from users that they couldn't even get the player to load. This included non-quiz parts of the course. After deselecting that option and re-uploading, mobile version seemed to work again, though my custom code still wouldn't work. So this leads me to believe that it isn't just a case of not allowing the app to work.

On a related note, does the Articulate Mobile Player app have the ability to communicate online? As in, will it be able to communicate with our servers when users go through it? Or is it just an app that forces the player to display in a certain manner?

Does anybody have any other information regarding the mobile version of Storyline courses, and their ability to run custom Javascript code? Is it even possible, or will I need to find another way to store information into a database for mobile?

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John Landolfi

I was just experimenting with the Articulate Mobile Player app again to see if my user.js scripts would run, and had a single Javascript alert function to be called when a slide began. It did not come up at all when the Mobile Player got to that slide. So is the Mobile Player not capable of running any of the .js files, or is there something specific I need to do to allow it?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

In regards to communicating, if you're hosting your course in an LMS and you need to use the mobile player vs. the HTML5 content you'll need to publish for Tin Can. You may want to review the information here on publishing for Mobile deployment and the options available to you. 

Ali Al-Shufafa

Please help me to get this straight. I know this is an old thread but it is one of the few places I found on this subject.

Articulate Mobile Player does not run javascripts, no matter what, correct?

I'm fully familiar with the possibility to run storylines products on mobile phones through HTML5. I use this a lot but this is not what I need now.


Ali Al-Shufafa

Leslie, thanks a lot for the prompt and clear answer.

I'm aware of the discontinuation of the support of AMP. Thank you for the note. I feel sorry for not having an equivalent alternative. What I like the most is the offline functionality. Many uses have already mentioned that.

Please do not remove the AMP from the App stores.

Are you aware of any working alternative to run Storylines with JS on mobiles?