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Mar 03, 2020

Hello all, 

I have built a progress meter that allows users to see how far through a course they have gone/to go. It uses the system variable Project.Progress to change the state of an icon. This all works perfectly. 

HOWEVER I also give my users an option to completely restart the course. I do this by providing a Project > Restart Course trigger. This, however, does not reset Project.Progress and therefore the Progress meter shows the furthest point reached rather than the current progress. I tried rebuilding this with Menu.Progress no difference. And also adding another trigger to reset the variable to zero but this seems to have no effect. 

I suspect this is due to not being able to do anything other than read the system variables and/or something I am unaware of happening in the background. I really don;t want to create a variable that manually keeps count of the slides especially as my slides can be revisited many times. But I cannot think of how to repalce the Restart trigger. 

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Steve,

Happy to jump in and help! 

While I am not able to see the exact triggers/variables you have in place, I wanted to share some resources that I hope will get you onto the right path: 

I hope these community posts will help! Also, please let us know if you have any questions! 

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