Custom Invalid Answer for Questions without states?? Storyline 2

Mar 30, 2016


I have an example of a quiz slide that displays a custom Invalid Answer feedback layer for a multiple choice question based on a trigger that uses conditions based on the states of the radio buttons (whew!).

I now want to customize the Invalid Answer for a quiz of the Matching Drop-Down type. The drop-downs don't have states, and I can't see any way to add states to them, so I can't figure out how to add conditions to the trigger. I'm attaching a file with both slides in it.

Thanks to anyone who can answer this one!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lee-Ann,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing your .story file. I can't think of an example I've seen that included custom feedback based on it being a matching drag and drop. I wonder if instead you could look at building your own freeform drag and drop set up and use states that way? You could still look at scoring them when dropped correctly but use the "dropped incorrect" state which you would need to add to the objects, but works as described here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lee-Ann,

Yes, my apologies for not clarifying - my recommendation was since the drop downs don't have states, instead of using that question type you could instead look at building out your own drag and drop freeform interaction and use the states that way. 

Unfortunately I don't have another suggestion based on your current set up, but I'll defer to the community for their additional expertise. 

Lee-Ann Williams

Yes, I guess I could do that, and just let them drag from a word bank or something like that. But, dang it. I really like the way this is set up. Unfortunately, the look of the default invalid screen doesn't match the rest of the course at all (and it has to look just like the other Feedback layers to pass muster. Where is the feature request area? I'd like to add this request, as I'm sure many others have done.

Mike Clapper

Here's a custom invalid layer I made for Drag and Drop slides. I created a true/false variable for each item that needs moved. To get this to work you have to recognize that the drag and drop areas correspond to various text boxes. When the learner drags a choice on the right to its match on the left, a variable flips from false to true. Thus, the learner will see the invalid layer when each of the variables is still false when the submit button is clicked. The submit button submits the interaction when you add the conditions of each variable being true.

Take a look at the file I've provided. It'll show how to set up the triggers. I hope this helps!