Custom 'No Answer Selected' on a drag and drop quiz slide

Jul 10, 2017

Hey Everyone, 

I'm struggling a little when trying to get Storyline 2 to show a custom slide layer when no answer is selected on a drag and drop slide. 

I've changed the default feedback slides to suit my needs and this is working as expected for all scenarios apart from if the user does not drag any of the objects into any of the 'drop' areas when they select the submit answer button the default prompt is displayed and does not show properly given the changes I've made to the master feedback slides. 

I've tried to add some triggers so that if the item is not dropped incorrectly or correctly then the submit button will not work and a custom layer will be displayed but I can't seem to get this to work at all and the Submit button just takes no action whether things are dropped or not. 

any advice on this would be great?

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