Custom Player for Children's Book

Aug 28, 2022

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has a tutorial on building a custom player. I need to build a custom player for a kids' book in Articulate Storyline 360 - it needs to have the next button (right-hand side) and back button (left-hand side) plus an audio player included at the bottom (in the middle). Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Julie, 

What a creative idea to create a Children's Book within Storyline 360! I'm happy to help! 

I would like to share a couple of On-Demand training videos we have that could assist you as you develop your project: 

Customizing the Player in Storyline 360
(Learn how to get the look and feel you want by customizing the frame around your slide content. See how to select navigation features, customize colors, fonts, and labels, and even turn off the player in Storyline 360 for a chromeless design.)
Create a Custom User Interface in Storyline 360
(In this session, you will learn to customize the Storyline 360 course player and how to make it disappear entirely to create your own interface. This training walks through some clever ways to set navigation prompts into your custom user interface designs.)

I'd also like to send along an article on how to further customize your player:

I hope this helps!

Julie Rick

Hi Luciana

I've been through the training and it was helpful and I have made some updates to my player. However, I'm still unsure how or even if I can embed a separate audio player (into the player) that the user can play, replay stop, pause and rewind.

Even if I have to include the audio player with the above functionality on the slide instead, is that possible? There will be audio (just one file) on every single slide.

Jules :)