Custom Previous Button Does Not Go To Beginning of Previous

Jul 15, 2014

I built custom navigation and everything works great except the previous button. If I watch/hear all of slide 1 and use the previous button on slide 2, slide 1 flashes and then the player returns to slide 2. If I just watch a part of slide 1 and use the next button to go to slide 2 prematurely and use the previous button on slide 2, slide 1 comes up but where I left off when I selected next. It does not go back to the beginning of slide1. Is there any way around that? I would like it to take me to the beginning of the timeline when I use the previous button.



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Rachel Horton

I am having a similar issue but with screen recordings.  I followed your advice above to "Reset to Initial State" which sends the user back to the beginning of the previous slide when they click my homemade Previous button.  Great!  However, this is a screen recording and it displays a white background rather than the recorded screen when returning to the slide.  I'm assuming this is because the screen action does not occur until 9 seconds.  But I need the user to see the screen shot that occurs prior to the mouse movement.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am unable to post a video of it or share my files as they are proprietary.  Thank you.

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