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Judy Nollet

Hi, Karen,

  • Go to the INSERT tab, and insert the type of button you want.

  • In the Triggers panel, click the Add Trigger link (which Storyline automatically adds when you insert a built-in button). That will open the Trigger Wizard. 

  • In the Trigger Wizard, adjust the drop-down fields to indicate what you want to happen (e.g., jump to another slide) and when you want it to happen (e.g., when the user clicks the button).

Note: Jumping to "next" will always jump to whatever slide is next in the program. So it works even if you re-arrange the slides. "Previous" always jumps to whatever slide the user was on before they arrived at the current slide (which might not be the previous slide in the linear order). However, you can always select to jump to a specific slide.