Custom Question Master Slide & Feedback Master Design Strategies

Sep 22, 2021

Hello all. I am building courses with a lot of questions and final exam series and experiencing a lot of issues using custom templates. I've read through a few threads here that ask about some of the specific issues that some people experience, but have yet to find something that addresses all of them.

For example, by default Storyline has no space between the answer buttons and the answer text. It's absolutely maddening to me, and I can't imagine how any learner would enjoy looking at text crowded right up against the answer buttons. With that in mind I've tried to find a way to build that .1 or .2 space between buttons and answers into a template somehow so that it replicates that behavior by default with each new questions slide, but am at a loss.

Then we have the default button styles used. We don't like them so we use another selection from the Format tab. I can't find a way to make Storyline use THAT style in my template for each new question created.

And now we come to the feedback masters. Untold hours of wasted man hours here fighting the feedback masters, which still do not work for more than five years that I can tell based upon the latest comment thread about this issue. If I modify the feedback master buttons, these modifications do not carry over into newly created question slides. Only the default options are brought in, which I find to be hideous.

I don't want all those button states, so I delete all of them in the feedback masters, yet all of them still come into new slides regardless.

I don't want the colors of those button states, yet they all still come into new slides regardless even after removing them again, and again, and yet again.

Not sure if you folks have experienced these issues. The list of issues continues on for me but I'll leave off here. I hope we can spark a discussion here to hopefully iron our some kind of workable solution. Thanks. 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Dave,

I think we've all shared those frustrations. The best solution I've found:

  • For each type of question you'll be using, set up a question slide as desired.
  • Put that slide in a new scene. I typically name the scene "Storage." 
  • When I need to insert a question, I insert a copy of an already-set-up question slide.

BTW, you can increase the space between the button and the response by increasing the left margin. The default is 10 px. In the example below, I upped that to 20 px.