Custom Question Slides

Jun 20, 2022


I created the attached the knowledge check (SL360) with custom submit button. When using the review option, i am struck with below issues.

1. Unable to navigate between the review slides (Next/Prev) buttons not visible.

2. Correct/Incorrect options are not indicated on the review question slides.

3. How to modify the color/size of that Incorrect(Red)/Correct (Green) bar displayed on the review slide.

Request your input and support on this.

Thank you.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Ponnammal!

Thank you for sharing your .story file! I'm happy to help!

To customize how the slide looks when a learner reviews a quiz, you'll need to add a layer to each slide and title it "Review." I've added this to your project and included the previous and next buttons by copying the previous and next buttons and pasting them on each Review layer.

By default, when reviewing, the correct/incorrect answer choices won't appear. I'd add an icon or text box on the Review layer pointing out the correct answer choice. I created this on Slide 1.4.

Lastly, the size and color of the incorrect/correct bar is a set style but you can cover it up by adding a rectangular shape on the bottom portion of the Review layer. I've created this on the Review layer on Slide 1.4.

I'm attaching the updated .story file to this discussion. Please let me know if you have additional questions!