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Nov 12, 2015

Hi All,

apologies if this has been done before, maybe the search terms I'm using are wrong - but couldn't find anything specifically to do with this in previous discussions. I hope you guys can help me. :)

I'm building a course, with an exam, where the client wants the learners to be able to revisit the topics for the questions that they got wrong. They do not want the learners to know what are the correct answers - and then have them learn them by rote. Currently the 'Review Quiz' button enables them to see the correct answers.  

There were two ways I hoped to achieve this:

1. A more elegant solution - to build a custom 2nd 'Review Results' slide displaying each question number and the name of which topic it maps to, and with a cross or a tick next to it. And have the learner directed to that custom screen, when they press a 'Review Quiz' button. Is that doable?


2. Less elegant - to have it so that when they review the quiz question slides, from the standard 'Review Quiz' button, to not show them the ones they picked or which are the correct options - but to just tell them the Topic that they should revisit.

Is either possible, and if so how do I go about doing this?

As usual, as you're all stars, any help would be very much appreciated.


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