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Wendy Farmer

Hi Judy

just insert a normal result slide that includes the questions you want to track and design it how you want.

Change/Add the triggers:

  • Submit Results when user clicks the hotspot (instead of when the timeline starts)
  • Exit course when user clicks the hotspot (Note the exit course trigger doesn't work in all browsers/LMS's) you may have to add JS trigger if it doesn't (but that's for later if it happens)

Make sure the submit results is before the exit trigger.

Here is a tutorial for adding a result slide if you need it.

Here is a video tutorial

Wendy Farmer

Hi Judy

you have a quiz slide as the final slide, it needs to be a result slide type. Insert > Slides > Quizzing > Results. Then on that result slide you would select the quiz slides to be included in the grading.

You need a result slide because when you do the "Submit results' trigger storyline is looking for a result slide type.

While there are lots of elements on the standard result slide you can just hide these on the timeline.  Then move your Text box and hotspot from the quiz slide to the result slide and add the triggers in that I gave you above.


here is your sample file with the result slide added in