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Feb 07, 2013

Good Evening Heroes (and mortals too),

Is it possible to control which resources appear in the Resources tab using a variable? (i.e. learner chooses 
"A" or "B" and gets a different set of resources based on their choice).  

Failing that, is possible to add a second Resources tab to the player to organize resources into two separate categories ?


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Meryem M

Hi Greg,

You can do that with custom tabs in the player.  This screen shot shows the main settings.

  • I set up two slides with resources, one for Group A and one for Group B. 
  • Now, go to the player. Uncheck the built-in Resources tab to make my own.
  • Click the New Tab icon (circled in red).  A Trigger Wizard pops up. 
  • Name your new tab in the Wizard.  I called mine Group A and another I called Group B. 
  • Decide where you want the tab.  I put mine in upper left. (see the tabs circled in red above the slide)
  • I set the action to open a lightbox slide.  This will open my slide with the resources for that group.

I've attached a sample story file where I've done all that.

I hope this helps.

Meryem M

Sij X said:

Hi Mereym,

Nice idea. What should I do if I not want these two custom tabs to be hidden on a few of the slides? 

The player tabs are consistent for the entire course.  But, if you want to access a resource slide for some of your slides but not others, I would suggest placing a button that triggers a lightbox slide on those particular slides where you need that access.
Sij X

I agree, Meryem. A lightbox would have been perfect but the only problem is my custom tab would be a 'Quit Unit' running a Javascript code to return them to whichever course page they came from. Hence, it gets a little complicated.

I think one of the Articulate staff told me, on another thread, that there is no current functionality to selectively hide custom tabs in Storyline. Not sure how I can solve this one!

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