Custom Slide Master "prev/next" navigation not working


I tried to make a custom menu that appears on top on every slide.

The menu is on a layer on the slide master. This layer appears when each main slide starts (as the last layer displayed will appear on top of everything, even if it's on the slide master).

The problem is it won't branch to next slide except if you have the standard SL NEXT button ! (but I obviously made the menu to get rid of those buttons !)

I tried to set a dummy link between slides but this does not work.

Still, you can navigate with left and right arrow although triggers are set in slide master ! 

So button triggers would not know what "next slide" is while keypresses triggers would ?

Any idea ?

Thanks !

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Pierre Jouan

I tried to "fool" SL with a variable change when user clicks the arrrow and a GoNextSlide when variable changes on the main timeline.

It works BUT jumps TWO slides forward for some reason!

When going back you see ALL slides. It shows that it actually displayed even slides for a split second.