Feedback Master Query

May 18, 2022

I have created a bespoke menu in slide master (a tab on the left hand side of the screen).  In order for the tab to appear on top of each slide, I have added it to a layer in slide master and on the main slide set a trigger to jump to that layer once the timeline starts.

I am trying to do the same in feedback master so that the menu appears on all the slide layers in the course,  I cannot get this to work for some reason, am I missing something?  Does feedback master not behave the same as slide master?

I want to avoid having to add the menu directly onto each slide that uses layer as there are several layers and dozen's of triggers.  

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Steven Haigh

Yes, I do like that.  This is just a menu on a slide though, I have got that bit to work, it is getting the menu to work on the layers that is causing the issue.  I have a trigger in feedback master to jump to the tab layer when the timeline starts (this it to make sure that the tab menu sits on top of anything on the slide layer, but this doesn't seem to work.  Can you use layer in feedback master?  Maybe that is the issue here,