Issue with Slide Layers & Feedback Master Slides

Jan 08, 2018

Hello Articulate Community!


I am having an issue with the Feedback Master Slides. It seems some of my non-question/quiz slides (just simple slides with interactive layers) have gotten mixed up with the Feedback Master Slides.


For example, I have one slide which has a simple Next/Previous button at the bottom but two buttons, each button brings up a different layer that overlays the base slide. For some reason the Layers are linked to Feedback Master slides and I am having difficulty changing that no matter how many times I change the Slide Master slide of the original base layer.


Any suggestions? Is this a bug? I've attached a screenshot for reference.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Justin

that's is normal behaviour.  Slide layers normally draw from the 'blank' layer layout and feedback layers Correct/Incorrect/Try Again draw from those layouts in the feedback master.

If you need to you could create a new feedback master that just has a blank layout with your two buttons on it and apply that to your layer.

See this Peek

Justin Lovett

How can I apply the Feedback Master slide I want to my layer's within a normal non-quiz slide? The issue I have right now is that I have 6 different Feedback Masters, 1 containing my Correct/Incorrect/Try Again boxes and 5 that are just white blank master slide collections, but each of the 5 has slides that use it.

Wendy Farmer

If you want to rationalise - in the slide master view put a different colour shape on the top slide of each slide master layouts (mid bottoms of screen half on half off stage) . Go back to storyview and you should see those different colours shapes being used. Then choose to apply the layout you want and then go back into slide master view and delete the ones you don’t need.

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