Custom story size causes font sizes to change erratically?

Oct 28, 2014

I have this annoying reproduce-able issue in SL2:

If I stick with the default story size, fonts in my master slides, stay whatever size it set them to. But once I chose a different storysize, fontsizes changes erratically and unexpectedly - for instance, if I change the vertical alignment of a text, the font size increases...

Please see the attached screencast. I'm trying to make storyline to stick with 18 point verdana for titles...

Any solution or workaround for that behavior?

Best regards,

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Bjarne O

Hi Emily, thank you for your feedback... This is worse as it seems, and starting out with setting the story size, is not viable workaround (for me at least). For instance - if I set my font-size to 13 in my slide master question layout, each question I import, are having font-sizes of 18.5 or so... None of the font-sizes in the masters are passed through to new slides - its very frustrating.

I really hope this issue will be fixed. We really would like to produce with storyline, but this issue is a showstopper. I am very willing to assist in any troubleshooting.

Best regards,

Bjarne O

It seems that once you change the vertical alignment of text boxes in a master slide and you are using a custom story size, things really get messed up beyond repair.. 

Please, please, see the attached video with another screencast of what I mean, and tell me if this is fixable? - I have now spend two entire days on storyline font size issues :(


Emily Ruby

Hello Bjarne!

I have tested a new file, set the custom story size first. Then I updated the Master Slide, as well as the Master Question slide to Verdana 14. When I insert a quiz slide and type in a question/answer text, it is staying with the slide master font and size.

When you are adding in quiz questions, are you typing them, or copying and pasting from another source?

Could you attach a file here for us to look at? I have attached the one I created, and you can insert a new quiz slide, and when you type in text it is defaulted to Verdana 14.

Bjarne O

Thanks for testing this for me Emily!... You missed one thing, you must change another property of the text box for the font size to grow. In my case, I need bottom allignment of a test (the question). I'm trying to demonstrate the circumstances that causes this in the videos attached earlier, and I'm attaching a .story sample here as well... I'm able to reproduce this bug on several machines. I'm importing questions from excel, but the same problems if I add a question slide by hand... Thank you for digging further into this!

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