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Matthew Bibby

Moving multiple items at once would be good.

Being able to resize the tab order window would help.

Make dragging faster would speed things up a bit.

Being able to enter a number next to each item to indicate the preferred order would be brilliant.

Having an independent tab order for slide masters and slide master layers is needed. Adding an item to a slide master should mean we have to change the tab order once, not adjust the tab order for each slide. 

Thanks for listening. 

Christopher Dawes

Thanks Alyssa. Not for this to sound the wrong way, but how long does it actually take for suggestions to get implemented? I've found postings from over 5 years ago with the same requests. Shift+click and Ctrl+click seem to be pretty standard in most software applications, as well as the suggestions that Matthew added.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Christopher,

Alyssa's out of office today, but I'd be happy to answer that.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful in understanding any potential timing or implementation.

I've gathered yours and Matthew's request along with another one that a user shared with our team to be sure the impact is not lost and we can properly track this request.

Trinity Ryan

Please add my vote to this feature request as well. We have a course we're developing that has ~40 screens, each with upwards of 30 elements on them, by the time you include the global buttons (and layers) that come from the master slide.

I would love to be able to:

  • set a tab order on the master slide and have that reflect on the slides built with that master
  • AND also be able to group items and move them together up/down the tab order.

But all of Matthew's suggestions above sound great! So far we've spent 4 days on this and it will be at least 5 by the time we finalise it. And that's when we started with accessibility in mind, so built the screens thoughtfully.