Custom TOC Problem

Sep 29, 2017

Hi you guys,

I saw a custom table of contents / menu sample the other week in another thread that I've been playing around with.

The original creator's trick was to place the menu on a slide Master and hide or show a table of contents layer when the user clicked on the "menu" object.

I started building out my first slides of a course, utilizing layers because they enable you to create more interesting slides. However, I realized that whenever I clicked on the "menu" object, that another layer would disappear.

So, I have two questions:

1. Does the menu layer on the Slide Master cause all other layers (in this case, the Star) to disappear because two layers can't be on the screen at the same time?

2. If this is the case, do you guys seen any workarounds or should I scrap this? I mean, I can't see building an entire course without using layers on slides.

Any insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much,


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Colin Daly

Okay, thank you for that. That makes things easier for sure.

But now I'm running into another strange problem that I didn't have last week. In this example, I want the "Boom" layer to show from the beginning of the Timeline but whenever I preview it, it never appears. I don't know what I did differently.

Thanks for all your help for sure.

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