custom width for sidebar?

Hi there,

We use the notes feature (in the top right of the player) to provide an audio transcript for our voiceovers. Unfortunately, these are obscured when we use a video embedded as a web object. So, I was thinking we need to add it to the sidebar instead.

Unfortunately, adding a sidebar to our custom sized canvasses (1001px x 563px) makes the published output slightly too wide for most screen resolutions and we end up with a horizontal scroll bar.

Is it possible to adjust the width of the sidebar to compensate for this or am I going to have to change the canvas size?

Many thanks in advance,


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Michael Hinze

There is no option to specify a particular width for the menu/notes area. You might want to have a look at the Browser and Player Size settings. See here for info. For example, setting the Player Size to 'Scale player to fill browser window' should scale the content to fit into any browser window size, without horizontal and/or vertical scrollbars.