Customer Controlled Player Re-Branding

In order to improve our efficiency with regards to custom branding our courses, my boss has asked me to find out how we can allow our customers to upload their logo into some sort of portal or area in an LMS, where it would automatically update the logo on the course player.

Some of our competitors use this type of functionality.

Does anyone know if AS2 or 360 allows for this type of functionality? Also, can resources be updated in the course as well.

I've heard that it could be possible with web objects and a dash of server side scripting, but I'm not how I would go about that.

If AS2 or 360 does not allow for this type of functionality, do you have any recommendations on how this can be accomplished?

Thank you,

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Brian Dennis

I believe SL2 supports web based images by URL reference in the Player's Logo field if the image is properly served from the web server including one of the supported MIME types (JPEG, PNG). The easiest way to accomplish this is placing the logo file on the web server in a spot reachable by URL. I just tried and works great

James Johnson

Brian, thank you for your response. It's much appreciated.

How would we set this up for multiple users--us, as well as customers A, B, and C?

For example, can this be used so that when one of our customers uploads their logo to our platform, and their logo is updated in the player, that update doesn't change the logo in another customer's view of the player?

Please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area. I'm just trying to understand the concept as a whole and how it would work for multiple customers.

Thank you,

Brian Dennis

I point each client's projects at their logo on the server, and employ server side code I've been commissioned to write to manage client logo maintenance. For example Client A's logo is All courses for client A are pointed here; client B elsewhere. In your specific case, the "magic" is the server side code that keeps all logos mapped correctly