Customisable use of the player space

May 08, 2014

My main aim is to add other buttons in the space of the previous and next buttons on the player.

Is the only way to add buttons other than default previous and next buttons to insert a custom button on the slide itself?

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Pamela Davison

Hi Laurence,  

I'd be curious about if there was a way to customize the previous and next buttons on the player too.  If you want to change the text of the previous & next buttons you can change it by going into the player properties > Text Labels > Next Button (or Previous Button) and change the text in the Custom Text Column.  It will keep the functionality of the button going to the next or previous slide though.  The only way I know of to create your own navigation buttons with custom functionality and design is to disable the slide navigation controls on the story view for all the slides, and then go into your slide master and create new buttons in the slide master.  At least this way you wouldn't have to create new buttons on each slide, the slide master would put them into every slide.  The buttons would be in the slide itself though, instead of the player wrapper.  

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