Unwanted white space appearing above and below slides with no next or previous buttons


I have a SL 360 course  set up so that some slides have next and previous buttons visible on the player and others do not (auto advancing title slides for example). I've built many courses in this manner and never encountered an issue before.

Now whenever I preview or publish a course, all of the slides that don't have visible previous or next buttons are no longer filling the player window. Instead "white space" is appearing above and below the slides - in total, this looks to be about the same amount of height as the next and previous buttons would add to the player if they were visible.

When I publish or preview the slides individually, everything looks good. It's only when I publish or preview a mix of slides (some showing next/previous buttons and some not) that this occurs.

Has anyone else encountered this or found a  resolution?


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Greg Hagar

Did some experimenting and I think it's to do with the player skin configuration. In my case,  I'm pretty sure I've found the culprit -it's the volume button! If the volume button is visible on the player all is well, if not the 'white space' appears.

This doesn't seem to occur with the default player, just the customized one I'm using. Not doing anything out of the ordinary there, so I'm not sure what exactly why it's occurring. Anyway, I can live with the volume button for now.