Customising player - logo location

Jun 03, 2014

Can a logo be display in different location? My menu is on the right side and it looks strange to have empty space below logo. It would be nice to have it above the title on the left or right....but I didn't see any option for logo.  It looks like it adds a column :(

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Antony Snow

Hi Agnieszka,

By default, the logo sits within the sidebar of the player, which is what I guess you are referring to when you say "it adds a column"? The whole sidebar can be positioned to either the left or the right of your content by using the 'Sidebar' dropdown under 'Features' of the Player Properties but not the logo only.

From your original post, it sounds like you have the menu tab on the Topbar right of your player? Is this by design because if you wanted to fill the blank space below your logo, you could move the menu tab to the sidebar instead?

The only way to have your logo above the title on the left or right would be to create your own player using the Storyline SDK.    

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