Customize Hint Caption in try or test mode simulation

I'm working on some simulations in try and test mode, but I am having to resize the Hint Caption in each slide. They are all too narrow and the word "Click" spills over on to two lines. I have tried reducing the font to 16 (it starts off at 20), and then I set that to Default shape. When I try to insert another screen recording, there is no change; the font is still at 20 and the single word is in two lines. Screenshot attached. 

This is a very helpful blogpost on customizing the captions - - but it doesn't mention font size or caption shape. 




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Jack Drolet

Nothing seems to work, or at least not consistently. I started one new project, and the Click caption fit in the box. Then I started another new project, and it didn't. You can't set the default shape to not wrap text in shape, or do not autofit, right? I guess I just have to through manually and adjust each caption, but I feel like I'm missing something because why woud it default to C-L-I-C on one line and then K on the next line...

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Isaac,

I wasn't able to find the case that Jack mentioned submitting (perhaps he is still subscribed and can share his case number here with us). So I can't look further into his set up, but if you'd like us to look at yours we'd be happy to. You can post it here using the "add attachment" button or send it along to our Support engineers here. 

As far as the modifications  for the default caption labels for screen recordings isn't currently supported. Caption labels refer to the action words associated with events in your screen recordings, such as "Click and drag..."

Here are two options for editing caption labels, and please note the second option for the XML file is not supported. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Jack for that case number - it looks like you and Karla were in touch over 6/21 and 6/22 but it was in regards to your screen recordings and slide masters and Karla asked to see the file, but you had moved on to not using that slide master? Perhaps there was a different case in regards to the captions? I didn't find any other associated with your contact record that is connected to the case number you shared. 

Jack Drolet

Sorry - you're right Ashley; that was for a different issue. I can't find the file I thought I submitted to the support team.

As recently as 2 days ago I was still going into each Hint Caption layer and adjusting the caption box size so that the word "Click" would fit on one line. I tried to quickly make a project to show this, but, of course, now it's working fine :)

Isaac, maybe you can submit your project to the support team.