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Jul 23, 2018


Hi I'm using SL 3 and looking to customize the hyperlink hover color in order to stay in compliance with accessibility standards. Right now I have to choose a different text color to achieve a contrast acceptable for accessibility (at least 3 to 1 but 4.5 to 1 would be great).  I would like to keep my chosen text color and edit the hover color to increase the contrast.  It seems like an oversight for the default hover link colors to be out of compliance in this area. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. 

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Amy Birkhead

Hi Leslie,

This isn't really what I'm looking for as i would like to customize both colors rather than "few shades lighter" being selected for me.What exactly is the degree of contrast "a few shades lighter"? Why wouldn't I be able to use whatever text color is necessary and add a hyperlink color of my choosing that is also in compliance with accessibility standards? Is there a workaround? At the minimum the chosen hyperlink colors should be accessible. 

In the example above the lighter color against a white background fails by accessibility standards:


The contrast ratio is: 1.7:1

Text failed at Level AA
Text failed at Level AAA
Large text failed at Level AA
Large text failed at Level AAA


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy, 

I'm definitely not an accessibility expert, so I'll share your comments here with my team, as I know they're working on some enhancements around our accessibility support. 

I also wanted to point out this recent article on How to Design an Accessible Course in Storyline 3. A lot of really great tips there!

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing those details Amy. 

Seems like the available defaults may not fit your needs. To create more contrast, you could also underline the text and/or use a different text box or images.

Our documentation here has some helpful ideas.

This is an area we are working to improve and it seems that you have a lot of knowledge to share, so I welcome you to share your requirements, recommendations, ideas, and use-case with our team here.

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