Customize multiple choice style

Jun 05, 2014

Hello! Is there a way to change the default style for the multiple choice template?  I've created a slide using New Slide > Graded Quizzing > Multiple Choice, and I am able to customize the background of the hover state. However, when I add a new choice to the question, I want to be able to copy that background style to the newly added choice. Is there an easier way to do this rather than going into the state of each newly added item and modify it one by one?

Thanks in advance!

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Kathy Chan

Thanks Meryem! That solution works for now. However, I am looking for ways where if I pass this storyline template to other teachers, they can add/remove choices and wouldn't have to remember to 'paint' the newly added item. Or if they remove all the items from my template then they can't replicate the style. I was hoping for something like a master template   Thanks for your quick reply!

Meryem M

Kathy, look at the color scheme you are using.  The hover color in the multiple choice is "Control 1."  Edit Control 1 to the hover color you want.

To do this, go to Design/Colors/Create New Theme Colors.  Choose a new color for Control 1, and save the scheme with a new name.  The color scheme will stay with your template.

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