Customized Characters with movements and Expressions

May 05, 2012

Is it possible to make our own characters in storyline or using a third party program and import into Storyline? What would be involved if it is possible?  Or, can we customize the look of the built-in library of characters.  For example, I choose a character but I want a different hair color, glasses, or clothing.  Can we change those things?

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Hugh Gardner

Laurie Kane said:

This will kill off a good product. Imagine everyone using the same tired articulate character offerings. I'd rather move to Captivate than live under this kind of proprietary nonsense. Talk about money over-ruling common sense.

Captivate doesn't even have any prebuilt characters.  And including them probably cost more money, instead of saving money, stock art isn't cheap.  If you're willing to trade great customer service for a almost complete absence of it though, Captivate is waiting.  I had to use it for various reasons technical reasons until Storyline, and am glad to finally shed the wretch.

As Phil Mentioned, you can use the States feature to build comparable interactions.  Nick Russell has a wonderful example of how you can leverage additional resources outside of Storyline to achieve some great animation effects.

Paul Figueiredo

Hi Robin,

I've been using Articulate Storyline since it first came out and have managed to create several of my own illustrated characters. But I didn't stop there! I have managed to integrate my characters into Storyline with all the expressions and poses. I created a large library of props from articulates characters such as eyes, hair, clothes, etc. and also changed the color of the clothes so that I have the ability to swap between characters.

It's taken me a long time to create these props and to learn how to integrate my characters with Storyline. But it's been well worth the time I've spent. I know have over 100+ characters I can use and my library is getting larger.

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