Use of characters from Storyline

Sep 10, 2012

We purchased Storyline before the end of August and got the free set of characters...It's a very nice set.

Is it possible to use the photpgraphic characters in an Articulate Presenter project as well?

The characters have to be stored on my computer somewhere, I know, but I can't find them.


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Brett Rockwood

This makes me wonder whether they can be used in other collateral relating to a course. For example a job aid, handout or poster created in InDesign could be thematically linked to the elearning module by way of the character, color palette and other visual themes. I would guess that the license wouldn't allow the use of the characters in this way. Any comments from the Articulate team?

Jon DeMartino


Meanwhile, I just made a scene using them in Storyline and grouped the items and saved it as an image, then placed it on a sldie in Presenter. It's certainly the long way around.   I may just decide to set this course up in Storyline anyway. I was using Presenter because I'm more used to it and can work faster in that software.

Jon DeMartino

Thanks, Phil-

I acquired Storyline about three weeks ago and am not up to speed yet nor am I completely at ease with it.

It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks; it just takes longer.

I'm guessing I have about 30 years on you. When I was a youngster, television was still black and white and telephones had big, noisy dials on them. Computers? What the heck was a computer???


Sheila Bulthuis

@Jerson - Yep, definitely more limited than if you buy your own images separately (depending on the images licensing agreement of course).  I think the trade-off is the built-in states, etc.  I agree that whether that trade-off is worth it depends on how much you're using non-Articulate tools, and how important it is to have continuity across the outputs from those tools.

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