Illustrated characters - modern CAN WE CHANGE CLOTHING

May 20, 2022

Hi everyone, I use Storyline all the time for story telling and love the illustrated featured characters. It would be really great if I was able to use them with different clothing as it would extend the use of them tenfold. For example, I need characters in casual clothing for meetings. Then out researching by visiting villagers, who again would be wearing casual clothing. Does anyone have a set of characters that will fit with the modern illustrated ones in storyline? Or have edited the existing ones so they have different clothing on? 

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alex sethi
Joe Tansengco

Hi Wendy, 

Changing the clothing of characters is currently not possible, but I do understand how this feature could come in handy! I've passed this information to our product team so we can keep track of the demand for this feature. You can see how we manage feature request here. Thanks for bringing this up!

Also thanku.