Looking for customized illustrated characters that look like Lily and Andrew

Feb 20, 2017

We love the new illustrated characters in the Articulate 360 content library, like Lily and Andrew. We'd like to have characters like these that are wearing our company logos. Is it possible to find out the vendor who created the ones in the content library so we might customize a few characters? Hoping someone from Articulate can answer.

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Nicole Legault

Hello Rebecca, 

Thank you for popping by the community and leaving your comment. We are SO happy that you're loving our new realistic illustrated characters - that being said, these were all created in house at Articulate and are really intended to be used as is. That is to say, they are not customizable, unless you want to do something like adding a rectangle shape to act as a nametag on top of the character, for example.

If you are looking for someone to create custom characters for your company, hopefully some of our helpful community members will chime in with names or recommendations of graphic designers. Another tip is to check out the illustrations on Stock Photo sites and look for a style you like, and contact the illustrator directly.

Hope these tips will help you out! Again - thanks for the nice feedback about the new characters, and also, thanks for being a customer :D Cheers!

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