Customized feedback layers problem

Jul 07, 2022

I've customized my feedback layers in Feedback Master. The Try Again layer is not functioning. I may have deleted a necessary component by mistake. How can I get it working? How can I start fresh with new customized feedback layers in the Feedback Master? I'll attach a stripped down version using the same Feedback Master.

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Veronica Budnikas

Hey Mark,

I think it's not working because your "Hide layer" trigger is on the feedback layer, but it should be on the actual Try Again layer. 

In fact, the Hide layer triggers on the Correct and Incorrect layers also don't work, except you don't really notice it because you also have the Jump to slide trigger... but if you go back to the slide you'll see the layer was not hidden.

When you insert a quick question in a new project (so all the default settings), notice that the Try again and Continue buttons always appear on the actual slide layers, rather than on the Master feedback layers.

Just re-attaching your file with the Try again layers now working.

Hope this helps!

Mark Mc Donald

Thank you so much Veronica. You've taken me a huge step forward. The Correct and Incorrect layers are now working perfectly.

However there are still 2 remaining problems on the Try Again layer (which still has the button on the slides): 

1. The Title looks good in Feedback Master, but it doesn't appear on the slides.

2. The invisible button is now functioning... but only because the button and its trigger are still on the slides. I can't get a button to work on the Feedback Master.

As this will be part of a large project, I don't want to have to manually set a Title, Button and Trigger on each slide. So getting the button to work on the Feedback Master is kinda important

I would still appreciate any help. I'm attaching the latest cleaned up version (Version 02).

Veronica Budnikas

Hey Mark,

Find re-attached a new version so you can compare with yours.

I think the issue was with the button and the title 'objects' on the Try again FB layer. If you look at your latest, the Button object on Correct and Incorrect is an actual button object (check their label in the timeline) whereas the one on the Try Again FB layer was not. Similar thing for the Title.

In my attached file, I fixed up the Try again layer just by copy/pasting the button and the title from the Correct layer onto the Try again layer so they were the same type of object. Note that the button is transparent, so just plonked it on top of the purple shape. 

The first question should work correctly now (I didn't look at the others)

Let me know how that goes for you.

Mark Mc Donald

Many thanks for your assistance, Veronica.

FYI. I think I just need to practice customizing feedback layers more. Each time I start a new one from scratch and take care to retain the original master items, I still seem to have trouble with things appearing or not appearing contrary to my expectations. The tutorials that I have managed to locate don't mention these quirks so I might try searching on youtube to see if anyone else has had these problems and found a solution.

My aim is to confidently make simple customized feedback layers which don't need to be followed up by extensive troubleshooting and workarounds. Not too much to ask for, I hope

Veronica Budnikas

Yes, I hear you.

For what it's worth, I customise all my feedback layers: I don't use the feedback master to do this. I design my correct/try again/incorrect layers on the slide, and once happy, I copy/paste the layers each time I have a new quiz question. Often I do this towards the end of development... I know it seems too manual a job, but for me, I like having control over the feedback layer for each question so I can further tweak it per question. 

Anyway, good luck! If you find out something super useful, be sure to post back here.