Customized Player integrated into Storyline - Possible?

May 14, 2013

Hi Friends,

I have a question -

We have a situation here. The client does not like the in-built Storyline player at all. They have asked us if a customized player could be created using Flash (with media's help) with the kind of shapes of buttons and options they prefer, and import the thus created player into Storyline.

I know we have an "import" option in the Player settings. But is that to import a player that we create for ourself and import into Storyline, and thus create the course?

All I want to know is, do we have the only option of using the in-built Storyline player, or can we create a customized player and import the same into Storyline and build our course thereon.

Thank you

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Prashant!

Currently, you'll only be able to build and use a Storyline player built within Storyline. You can import players from other Storyline projects, but there's no way to build a totally custom player skin at this time. 

We're hoping to release an SDK for Storyline in the future, which will allow you to build a totally custom skin along with other customizations. 

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