Customizing built in Storyline360 navigation

We are contemplating going back to using SL built in navigation. We have a very complex custom nav that has allowed us to do a lot of useful things like controling HTML5 video players, Webobject communication, we have added background music with user control etc... It is however a pain in the butt to do some basic things like layer control, it covers part of the stage and requires a lot of maintenance. The only thing that is a must have for us is the ability for the play/pause button to control web object content and video, which is easy to do when we have access to the button. So my question is is there anything that the built in nav broadcasts? Is there anyway to change a variable value when the built in nav is used? I am researching doing this with JavaScript?

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Math Notermans

Although this is just a first step i found references in SL-code of GSAP tween and timeline code. So it indeed feels as if GSAP is default used inside SL-code.

These functions and code i found when diving into it... not that as is, it helps directly, but might point you into the good direction.

onMouseEvent: function (t){
onClick: function (t){
if (0 === t.screenX && 0 === t.screenY)
var e = this.objView.state,
n = e.RawXPos,
i = e.rotateXPos,
r = e.RawYPos,
s = e.rotateYPos;
this.objModel.getSlide().currView.mouseX = n + i, this.objModel.getSlide().currView.mouseY = r + s