Customizing the Slide Next Button

My course requirements are:

  • The next button should not be clickable until the audio for the slide is completely played for the normal slides.
  • After slide audio is fully played, the color of the next button should change and it should be clickable
  • When we revisit the previous slide, there should be no restrictions for the next button, that is, it should be restriction free.

It works fine if you preview each slide individually, but when I view them as a project it allows me to go past the slides without listening to the audio.  It seems the trigger to change the state of the Stop rectangle to Hidden when the timeline starts if the slide complete = True is the problem.  I attached 4 slides from my project.  Any help is appreciated.

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Walt Hamilton

Each slide works separately, but not with other slides because there is only one variable. After you complete the first slide, they all check the SlideComplete variable and it is true. Each slide needs its own variable.  I would also add a trigger to set the state of Next1 when the timeline starts. I don't trust the automatically decide function to always make a consistent choice about resetting. With the trigger, then if the slide is complete, the button is in the correct state, no matter what.



With the condition on Next 1, you may not even need Stop 1.