Cutting and pasting problem.

Feb 25, 2015

Typically I convert presentations into courses using Storyline 2. I'll import the presentation and depending on what it is I will usually cut each block of text out of a single text box, and past it so I can have the text blocks appear one at a time to the reader. My problem is that Storyline changes the text size every time I paste a block so now I have to resize it. Is there some setting I am missing that will preserve the original text size? This ends up taking quite a bit of time by the end of a long presentation, and it is very annoying.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Are you importing Powerpoint files? Are you copying and pasting elements from Powerpoint? If you're importing the files (recommended) you'll want to follow the steps here. There are also some helpful tips to keep in mind here in regards to things that may not import as expected. 

If you're copying/pasting it in - is that font your default font/size or connected to a theme font? 

Chris Eugster

I do import PowerPoint presentations, and once I have the slides in storyline I cut the text blocks down to smaller text blocks. Every time I cut a section from a text block and paste it underneath it changes the text size and the text block size. If i use the option to paste and keep source formatting the text stays the same size but it changes my bullets to a different style and makes the text box narrower. Its pretty time consuming to change everything after pasting it, so i was hoping there was a fix, or setting for this.

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