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Jun 14, 2012

If i enter a data entry field for users to insert information - can i retrieve this information via articulate online once the course is completed. 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Carol - Yes! In order to track and report on the information that learners enter into a field, you would need to do either of the following:

  • If you've already built a slide containing a data entry field, you could use the Convert to Freeform option to convert the slide into a Freeform Text Entry interaction. This way it becomes trackable.
  • Or, if you've yet to build your slide, another approach would be to insert a quiz question slide, and for the question type, choose a graded question such as Fill In the Blank or Numeric, or choose a survey question such as Short Answer or Essay.

Then, insert a result slide so that your question is tracked.

When it's time to publish to Articulate Online, for the tracking options you'll want to choose "Track using quiz result" and select the result slide you created.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Dean!

Since that Data Entry was added manually, it's not actually a part of the graded question. What you could do, however, is report the TextEntry variable that's created to your LMS, so you can see what the user enters. 

Here's an article that may help you out:

Reporting Storyline variables to an LMS

Good luck with the project, Dean!

Christie Nicholas


I have a related question about tracking information. I am trying to recreate a worksheet within SL with multiple fields (including tables), where students can record their information about an experiment. The problem is I can only include one data entry field or freeform quiz question on one slide. I tried using Google Forms as a web object, but I'm not able to include tables and students can't access their information.

It looks like this demo ( found a workaround, as they have multiple fields on one slide. Anyone know how they achieved this?


Norm Cousineau

Hi All, very late to the discussion here. I was finally able to figure out how this can be done with MULTIPLE data entry fields on 1 slide.

I followed the steps in the article referenced above "Reporting Storyline variables to an LMS". There are actually 2 similar articles on this:

I first created a slide with 3 data entry fields (text). Each field has a trigger attached when it's created. That trigger assigns what you type to a variable. So let's keep that variable in mind.

When following the instructions in the articles, use that variable.

In my file, the first slide has 3 data entry fields, with a Submit button. The trigger on the submit button goes to the first short answer quiz question, which then skips through all 3 quiz questions I created, and to the Result slide. Then in the LMS I can see the values entered into the fields.

I've attached the file.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Yes - that one doesn't send the value to the LMS, but you could combine it with your existing solution as well. So many ways to do things in Storyline. 

As for the "true" - did you only have two options for your pick many? I can't say I've seen that before, as it's a multiple response and therefore the user can pick more than one. 

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