Data Entry Font Difference Between Preview and Published

Apr 18, 2014

Hello All,

Anyone come across this problem?  When using a "data field" (and ensuring the font is correct - articulate 12) what displays in the preview is articulate 12, but when published it looks to be Times New Roman.  Check out the screenshot.  This only happens with data entry field text and nowhere else.



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Val Jon Farris


Thank you.  This is disappointing. Imagine doing a Powerpoint presentation with two different fonts in the same bullet point.  What level of professionalism does that convey?  I know the team has lots to work on, but this bug is big enough in my opinion that upper management should put it on the A list.  Who can I go to and ask about a fix for this? 


Val Jon Farris


Great thanks!  Here is what I sent . . .

Hello team,

When publishing a data entry field and its reference (e.g., using narration bubbles for characters, "Hello Val Jon...") the data entry name defaults incorrectly to Times New Roman font in the Publish mode, but displays properly in the Preview mode as say, Articulate 12 point.  This is unacceptable.  Imagine giving a Powerpoint presentation live with such a font problem in a bullet item.  Would it seem professional?  Can you guys fix this?  It's a huge glitch for Storyline.

Thanks,  VJ

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