Data Entry Issues


I'm trying to recreate a form that our associates would fill out and I'm having some issues with the data entry text boxes.  There are two issues I'm having:

1.  I'm trying to change the font, and I think I'm doing it correctly, but it's not 'taking'.  I click on the box and change the font.  I click on something else, click on the box and it looks like the font has changed.  But when I go the preview, the font hasn't changed.  This is only happening on a couple of the boxes, so I'm really confused. 

2.  I'm having a difficult time establishing the tab order.  It was correct the first time I made the slide, but when I resized everything, it ended up messing up the tab order, so when you press tab to go from field to field, it jumps to the incorrect fields.  

I'm new to storyline and would really appreciate your help!  Thank you!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Jennifer,

I first want to confirm that you are working locally with your file as described here.

You can select the text in the data entry field and change the font. Is this working in published output?

As far as the tab order, is this from the data entry items in on the slide? You can check the order of them on the timeline to make sure they are in order of the way you want them to be tabbed. 


Phil Mayor

If you have removed the text from the box this is a known issue, the best way to do this is click on the box set the font and then lock it on the timeline.

Be aware that fonts are not embedded when you publish and data entry field may not look as you expect if the user does not have the font you specified installed.