Dealing with variables / Gestion des variables : ideas for next version ?

Hello, Bonjour,

I regularly duplicate my slides from on project to another, from one slide to another, because it's easy, gains time etc.

And then I see that I have more than 100 unuseful variables !

It would be great to have a button "delete all unused variables" :) or at least the possibility to make a multiple selection when you want to delete them to clean up your project. It's not that these little things are making noise, but the list is getting long and they don't sort in the drop down list : SaisieNumerique11  is followed by SaisieNumerique110..

Or best, when you duplicate the slide, keep the same names or change all of them (see img), I often forget to make the changes...

Well that's just a suggestion to improve :)

Have a nice day !



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Valentine,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing that idea - some others in the community may have suggestions for ways in which you could modify this going forward or ways in which to track the set up. You may also want to look at sending this along in the form of a feature request which you can submit here.