Deleting OLD score result variables?

Hi, Seem to be having a lot of left over score results variables left over from importing slides from various projects and we cannot delete them - anyone else found a way of deleting these?

As you can see from jpeg below it gets a bit messy in the variables panel when i can see 3-4 different sets of variables that are linked to these imported slide results. All these extra 'result slide' are not needed and when we delete these from the project it still leaves the code variables in the new project...which we cannot delete.

This could prove a problem as these courses get older and more of them are available to a wide team - because we import all manner of slides in storyline from other ST projects and i should be able to delete any variables i like right? Just to keep things neat and tidy and also to help people decide which results variables they should be using.

Any help here guys?

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Paul Knights

Many thanks - it sort of worked...

Unfortunately all the scenes lose their linkage.

As I cannot copy all the scenes in one go ( is there a way to do this?) i had to copy originals scenes as below into new project as suggested.

But when they get copied into a new project they lose all the linkages as per below.

Paul Knights

Looks like if you "import" all the slides/scenes into a new project it cleans up the library and keeps all links too, plus all the master slides get imported too,...

...only problem (which is a small one) is that any slide links held on master layers don't get imported. 

Maybe a small price to pay for a clean library though.

Many thanks for help guys.