Decreasing quality settings increased file size

Dec 07, 2017

I'm working on decreasing my file size but I have a puzzler I'm hoping someone can provide insight on. Below are my steps and the impact on file size. My puzzler is that at one point the file size went up instead of down. Any ideas why this happened? If I can pinpoint the "why" I'm hoping maybe it will lead me to something else I can do to further decrease the size.

file size    action
62 kb       decreased quality settings for audio and images
58.5 kb    compressed all images and reinserted
43.3 kb    decreased quality settings a bit more
44.8 kb   decreased quality settings a bit more
43.4 kb

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for reaching out, Nadia! It can be tough to pinpoint what caused the small spike in file size without taking a closer look at your file. I do see that you've shared it with our Support Engineers--good idea! They'll investigate it further and hopefully be able to shed some light on why your file size increased.

I'll also follow along with your case and post updates here, as needed!

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