Web Objects blurry, especially text

Hello. I have created a Web Object in Animate CC and inserted into Storyline. Outside of Storyline, the Web Object looks great, even zoomed in (see attachment AnimateCCWebObject_OutsideStoryline-SHARP.jpg). When I import that same Web Object into Storyline, the quality decreases noticeably (see attachment AnimateCCWebObject_InsideStoryline_-BLURRY.jpg).

Yes, I am scaling my Player size to "fill browser window," but even changing that option to "Lock player at optimal size" does not help all that much.

Why is the quality decreasing so much? Is Storyline bitmapping the text and vector images, rather than just playing the Web Object as is? What can I do to improve the quality (please don't say change my Player setting to "Lock player at optimal size, we all know that's not practical)? I am forced to use Animate CC created Web Objects to work around Storyline limitations, unfortunately, so the drop in quality is really a bummer.

Thanks for any info you have about this issue. I assume that others are affected also.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Paul,

I do see the decreased in quality in the "Inside Storyline" screenshot you shared. I would love our team to take a closer look at this Storyline file, with your permission. We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting.

If that works for you, you can upload your file privately to our support team here. They'll be able to dig deeper into the cause of the bluriness you're seeing. 

Paul Colby

Good morning Alyssa. Thank you for your reply. I have stripped any proprietary information from the files, so I can upload here as well, in case someone in the community has a possible solution. I am in the middle of working out a solution for playing Animate CC within Storyline, including a custom volume slider and screen seekbar, so there are some bugs up to this point. I'll work them out when I can (or someone else is welcome to) and I plan on posting a complete solution when I have it fully debugged.

I believe the process I am working out has high value for the Storyline community (I know it does for me), but all will be for naught if I cannot get my Animate CC files to look good within Storyline. I've done most of the heavy lifting, now I just need Storyline to make it look like it does outside of Storyline.

There is one other issue with the Storyline slider that I am using in the attached files. If you click on the thumb of the Storyline slider I inserted on the screen, then move your mouse off the thumb and release, the slider is still active (the mouse up has not been registered). Without clicking again, if you then move your cursor over the thumb and move left and right, the thumb follows your cursor. That is not standard seekbar behavior and causes all kinds of issues. I could code this in javascript, but why should I have to? Basic functionality of a slider is that when you click on it, once you mouse up anywhere on the screen, the slider should turn off. I have a custom variable for debugging called "userScrubbing" that is displayed on screen in the attached files, which demonstrates the issue.

Thanks again Alyssa.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Paul,

Thanks so much for sending over your file! I published it using Storyline 360, and I do see that the web object does appear a bit blurry. It looks clear outside of Storyline when I use browser zoom to zoom in on the animation. Does the blurriness here match what you're seeing on your side?

Also, I'm not seeing the "sticky" slider thumb you were experiencing. Can you double check that you're using Storyline 360 Update 24? You can find that detail by going to the Help tab, then About Storyline

Paul Colby

Good morning Alyssa, thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what you're asking me. I posted screenshots of the blurriness I'm seeing and you've acknowledged that it's blurry, so it seems that we have consensus on that. I am using Storyline 3, update 5.

I like your "sticky slider" description. It's easy to reproduce (unfortunately Windows Snipping Tool does not capture cursor, or I would send a screenshot). Click on the slider thumb, then while holding down the mouse move your mouse above the slider (say to the middle of the screen), then release the mouse. You can see that the "User scrubbing" debug string on screen is still true. If you then move your mouse over the thumb without clicking (or below into the Storyline wrapper area at bottom of screen) and move mouse left and right, the slider thumb will follow your mouse.

Thanks again.

Crystal Horn

Hi Paul.  Thanks for those details and for letting us know which version of Storyline you're using!  I can recreate the sticky slider with those instructions, and we have an existing report for each of these issues, now.

I'm adding your discussion so we can update you with any changes to either the blurry web object or the sticky slider.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Andy. Thanks for checking in! 

No update to share to share yet, but I promise we'll keep this discussion posted with any new information. Here's a glimpse into how we tackle bugs

In the meantime, we're happy to look at your .story file to explore some custom approaches. If you're able to share the project, please use this private upload link. We'll let you know what we find and will delete the file after.

Tom Eichhorn

I experienced the same issue.

It seems that Articulate Storyline (360) takes its own stage size and displays embedded web objects in that size. So regardless of whether you have fit-to-screen set, the animation will be rendered at the default stage size and then be upscaled.

Workaround: make the stage size larger in Storyline. For example FullHD 1920x1080.
Now embedded web objects with vector graphics look much sharper.
Remember: for better quality: never scale up, always scale down.

And hope that Articulate will support scalable vector graphics in the future (not only in edit mode but also in the output). Fingers crossed!