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Lauren Connelly

Hello all!

If you're still subscribed to this discussion, I wanted to share that the feature mentioned has been released! In Storyline 360 (Build 3.85.31840.0), you can now instantly update the formatting of all slide notes in your project.

From here, all you need to do is update Storyline 360 in your Articulate 360 desktop app!

If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team in a support case. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kendra!

Thanks for reaching out here. It's not currently possible to change the default font for notes, but you can edit the font styling as detailed here. If you'd like to see that feature added to a future release, please submit a feature request here, and the request will go directly to our production development team.

Ren Gomez

Hi James,

This feature request was not added to the latest version and hasn't made it to the top of the roadmap, but we are still monitoring it and listening to feedback!

I'll be sure to add you as a plus one to the report and update this discussion with any progress that's been made. If you're curious, here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests.

Kyle Mullaney

Features requests seems a poor way to prioritize changes.

  1. it is an extra step that people must take and a step that has no meaningful feedback. From my experience it seems like an ineffective step. We tend to get more meaningful feedback when making a comment here than when sending in a feature request as there is no follow up system.
  2. It takes a bit of effort for every potential change we want made.
  3. It is an unnatural break in workflow, when someone is looking for a solution.
  4. It is simply not transparent. There is no way to know what has traction and what doesn't.
  5. There is no obvious way to track what requests I have already made. Nor is there a way to renew prior request and say, "I still want this."
  6. There is no way for Articulate to effectively communicate with all who have expressed a desire for that change.
    i.e. How many threads are there about having bullet points in slide masters?

I could go on.

A useful solution to some of these issues would be a voting/ranking system similar to what other companies like Microsoft or Logos use. Such systems allow company staff to mark the status of requests.

*Also note how many people there want a dark mode.That is a request I have made here but cannot remember if it has been made as a feature request or not.

Kyle Mullaney

This should bot be treated as a feature. At the very least it is a bug. A fix should be made to correct a poor initial design choice. This has been a request for five years. It should be a setting in the template or the file. 

I want to renew my above request to create a transparent change request system. 

Cass Walker

We use the Notes to provide a transcript of the audio in our Storyline courses to meet AAA accessibility standards for our enterprise client. I have tried setting the font in the slide masters. I have tried creating a custom style and applying it per slide, but that often reverts to some kind of default. We just want access to changing this default setting that is obviously stored somewhere.

Another option would be for you to make the Notes font black for the light theme and white for the dark them, and larger to meet accessibility standards for text.

Kelly Auner

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your comments!

I understand this can be frustrating and time-consuming when working on a large project. The ability to globally format notes is still on our radar and I'll be sure to add your vote. I've inked you to the feature request, and we will be sure to update you with any news should this make it onto our feature roadmap.


It's a great product, but...

I would like to be able to easily view my Notes in Storyline slide view, and keep the Player in dark mode.

I don't understand why the Notes slide view background defaults to black just because the Player is black. The dark background with dark font is unreadable and frustrating. I don't want to change the Player just to see my Notes in Storyline slide view. I agree we should be able to easily adjust the background and fonts of the Notes in the slide view. Please escalate this in your product roadmap.